About Us

Our Passion

At Moothi Estate we concentrate on selling directly to you, the wine lover. Without having to worry about salesman commissions and shareholder returns we can concentrate our spending on the wine allowing us to develop the best wines our vineyard can produce. All of our wines are Estate Grown and made by carefully selected winemakers to ensure the best results for you.

Most importantly, we make sure we are making wine we love. We take our greatest pleasure watching people enjoy our wines while sitting on our veranda with one of our signature platters as the kangaroos hop through the vineyard.

Our Story

Passion for all things Wine, Food, and Mudgee.

Established in 1995 by the Moore family we have been producing award winning, boutique wines since 2002. Moothi Estate is one of the highest vineyards in Mudgee, located on the unique north-west facing slopes of Mount Frome, overlooking the Mudgee valley. After selecting the perfect parcel of land, Phil and Sue Moore set about creating a vineyard that allows for optimum grape growing - the slope of the vineyard allows for excellent drainage and sun exposure promoting strong, healthy vines. The soils are an ideal mixture of red clay, limestone, quartz and ironstone gibber. Over 20 hectares of vines were planted and were lovingly looked after by brother, Roger Moore (no, not the movie star!) and his family.

Phil and Sue began their journey into producing their own, single vineyard wines in 2002. Their first vintage was two wines - a Shiraz and a Cabernet Sauvignon. Both wines won praise from customers and wine-writers alike and the 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon won a gold medal at the very first wine show it was ever entered into. In 2003 they added a Merlot and in 2005 their first Chardonnay came along. Since then, the production has grown to include Semillon, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Viognier and several special blends which has led to the creation of our Moothi Dreams reserve range and the “entry level” Moothi Rocks blends.

With the cellar door constructed in 2006, daughter Jessica and son-in-law Jason took over the management of the vineyard and cellar door and made the move from their small inner-city apartment to the wide open spaces of Mudgee. Given the breathtaking views over town from the property and the friendliness and generosity of the Mudgee wine community, it quickly became home to them and their 'wine-dog' Barney. With the help of expert Mudgee winemakers, Jessica and Jason are continuing the tradition of producing outstanding wines at exceptional value and share a passion for all things wine, food,  and Mudgee.

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Our Vineyard

Skilfully crafted, estate grown wines. Our vineyard, started in 1995, is now home to beautifully mature vines growing some of the region’s most sought after varieties.

The Whites

Our Riesling block is heralded as ‘the best in town’ by one of the country’s top viticulturists and is producing some of the region’s top examples of the variety.

Moothi’s best-selling variety each vintage is no doubt Pinot Grigio - a guaranteed sell out every year.  Grafted into the vineyard as a trial, we now can’t make enough of it, even after tripling the size of the block. Plans are in place to work more into the vineyard soon.

We are one of the few brave enough to venture into the world of Viognier in Mudgee and whilst tricky to grow, it has proven a constant winner with every wine featuring the variety getting at least a bronze at the Mudgee Wine Show (A gold and a couple silvers as well!).

While Mudgee is not the most famous Semillon region in Australia, we produce some beautiful citrus driven wines that will age extraordinarily well. Moothi Semillons develop a rich, honey characteristic when aged, while still being delicate enough to not require the oak used in some warmer regions.

Last but not least, our first white wine, Chardonnay. From the spiritual home of Chardonnay in Mudgee comes our modern lightly oaked example. The number of times we hear, “I don’t usually like chardonnay, but, I’ll take 2 bottles please”!


The Reds

Our oldest and largest block is our Shiraz which provides us with quite a few of our wines; from our light and fresh Rosé through to our velvety smooth Shiraz/Viognier and a robust classic Mudgee blend of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Our Cab Sauv block is the highest of the reds and the last to be picked. Quite rocky well drained soil sees us producing some beautiful examples of Mudgee Cabernet usually full of black currant and smooth tannins.

The Merlot is nestled below our Cabernet and is the second largest red block. With Mudgee being home to Merlot is Australia we see slightly bigger wines than you might expect with subtle spice and beautiful smoothness to compliment the lovely berry flavours.