Privacy Policy

Moothi Estate is committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of your personal information. We assure you that your personal information is kept strictly confidential and understand its security is of great concern to you.

We receive and store any information you enter on our website or give us in any other way through forms on our website, when you place an order in our online store, any emails you send to us or any other similar methods. We use this information that you provide for such purposes as responding to your requests, customising future shopping for you, improving our site, processing your orders and communicating with you.

We receive and store certain types of information whenever you interact with us.

We may also collect data provided by Google Analytics such as your usage patterns on our website including the time you spend on our website and which parts of our website you are visiting. This information only tracks your usage patterns and does not identify you personally in any manner whatsoever. We may use this information to help tailor our website’s content to improve our customers’ shopping experience.

Under no circumstances, except those required by law, to process an order or to conduct our daily business activities, will we make your information available to any third party. We are not in the business of selling your personally identifiable information and respect its security.